Asshole Warning!

Asshole motorcyclist just after he cut off one driver and just before he'll illegally pass this car at roughly 70 mph in a 55 zone ... on a curve ... with other cars in the oncoming traffic lane.

Welcome to our new site
dedicated to all of us
who have grown dead tired of
dealing with assholes
each and every day.

It seems that many
of our fellow Americans
have completely lost sight
of one of the American traits
 that made us great.

The Greatest Generation ... that
"Band of Brothers" ...
epitomized that trait the best.
They were brothers.
They watched out for each.
They were a team.
They were Americans!

Today ...
it's all about getting yours and
the hell with everyone else.

In the past week alone I've seen ...

... an asshole almost run over a mother
and 3 young children ...
so he could get a better parking spot.

 ... a motorcyclist almost cause a 3 car accident,
weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds ...
just to gain a minute or two.

... a young man park in a handicap space,
just so he wouldn't have to walk an extra 30 feet.
While a frail, senior had to park and struggle that extra distance.

... a 50ish man "sample" nuts from a jar in a store and
then return it to the shelf so some other
poor schmuck would end up paying for it.

... and a pile of garbage left under a beautiful waterfall
just because some asshole was too lazy
to pick up their own trash.

And this doesn't even include the corporate assholes
I've seen screw their co-workers just
to help themselves to a little more of the "American Dream",
also known as money. 

This site will be dedicated to exposing
as many assholes as possible.
We'll soon be adding the ability to upload images and captions
of all those inconsiderate assholes who have
lost sight of what made America great.

Stay tuned.